It was a great 2016!

Thanks everyone for a spectacular 2016! Thanks to our awesome crew and supporters we have accomplished a ton this year and set ourselves on the right path. Special thanks to Laura for helping us get the Farm 2 Schools grant through the ODE, Brandi for running two awesome garden clubs, and Kelly for doing great work at Washington Elementary! Once again thanks to everyone for an amazing 2016 and we look forward to an even more fruitful 2017.

In loving memory...

Our heart goes out to the folks who were injured or lost their lives in Saturday nights shooting in Orlando. We hope those who were injured are healed quickly. For those who died, we will think of you as we plant the next seed and/or plant so that you may flourish and thrive in a loving, diverse and inclusive place.

Hands on learning

Kindergarten in the garden. Measuring the dimensions of their garden bed using blocks. By using the square foot gardening method each student will get a place in the garden.

Thank you MacLaren YCF!

This year we asked Maclaren Youth Correctional Facility if they would grow some starts for us. We saw this as an opportunity for community building and restorative justice. Our gardens are looking great already thanks to all of your hard work.

Thank you MacLaren for the amazing plant starts and collaboration!

Just a portion of the donation!

Just a portion of the donation!

We got the ODE Farm to School Grant!!!

Holy mole! We received the Oregon Department of Education Farm to School grant! This has been our biggest and largest grant yet. With this we will be able to take our non-profit to the next level and extend our reach to a larger range of people.

We have Chuck Ransom, the Woodburn School District Superintendent to thank for his letter of support. We also owe a HUGE thank you to Laura for consolidating our notes, wish list and thoughts. Without her amazing work we think this grant would have been much more difficult. So, THANK YOU Laura for you hard work.

Finally, our amazing team did an incredible job pulling the information together to get this project done. Now the real work begins. Stay tuned for work parties and other information regarding our projects and work.

NAO Members!

We are glad to announce that we have taken the next step to become official Nonprofit Associations of Oregon members!

We took a lot of training from them through a Rural Development program. With their help and inspiration Planting Communities became a reality. Now after a few successful years we are glad to become official members with them. We look forward to keep learning from them!

If you run a nonprofit in Oregon and/or are looking to start one check them out at:

Stay tuned for more exciting news prior to the growing season.

Winter activities

February is almost here, that means starting seeds indoors. In the mean time there are several other things you can do in the garden to keep active and warm.

Rubber boots/mud boots - check
gloves - check
warm jacket - check
cup of warm tea or coffee - check

1. build a cold frame (using straw bales and old windows or more permanent  structure from upcycled wood and old windows). This will serve as a place to harden off the starts you have sown in February.

2. Build a compost bin. Pallets make the best design, or you neighbors old fence boards. My recommendation is to also put a cover and doors on it. Leave the cover off or open May - November then close it in the winter months. In my opinion this ensures the right amount of moisture to keep the microbes and invertebrates happy in your bin. I will post pictures soon of ones we have with PC.

3. If you have a compost bin, find a cold sunny day to go out and turn it. This is a great way to get some winter vitamin D, envision your garden space and aerate your compost bin. put the new on the bottom and the old on the top.

4. Start some salad greens and herbs indoors in a sunny window.

That's all I can think of for now.

Happy gardening!

Thank you all!!!

Good morning's a note from Brad ~ "I received an email from MAPS Credit Union that we are receiving the grant thanks to all of your votes. Please know that Ian and I are humbled and grateful for your support and that we hope this will help get our After School Club gardening back again. Please thank all that you contacted and tell them how much we appreciate their effort. Monday evening we will receive the award and know that we will be thinking of you!

Vote for us, Planting Communities in the Maps Community Challenge Award!

We were accepted as one of the finalist for the MAPS Community Challenge Award. We are dependent on your voting for us to be winners and recipients of this award. Thus, you can help us make a difference locally by voting for us. The information is as follows.  Voting is open until October 23rd. To vote, text ā€œCā€ to 503-406-2242. You can also check out the Maps Credit Union Facebook site to like our video there. Thank you all for your support!

Finally some good news...

We are proud to announce that we are now finalist in the MAPS Community Challenge Award! Thanks to Brad Agenbroad we have been selected for this amazing opportunity to not only improve our work through possible financial support but also spread the word. Much of how we do will depend on you, the public for helping vote us in. Stay tuned to see when and how to vote for us via the MAPS Facebook and website.

Thanks Brad and thanks to all of the others who support us!