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First step for the Community Garden at PCUN and Radio Movimiento.

Started with the question to create a space for Radio Movimiento/PCUN staff, member and volunteers and  to have a space to plant vegetable and use the beautiful space. Our goal is to turn this area into a thriving example of permaculture gardening for public spaces.

Whenever the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
— Jim Henrix

The First Presbyterian Church Garden

The First Presbyterian Church garden is the largest one of our gardens. Half is dedicated to family plots and the other half is used to grow a row for the local food bank. Each family is asked to take care of one row from the community side. In this way the family gardens contribute to the larger community. 

Community gardens today, a healthy community tomorrow.
— Erubiel Valladares
Early summer at St. Mary's.

Early summer at St. Mary's.

This garden is next to our Nellie Muir School garden. It is our newest addition of our community gardens. This garden is not only site to a loving community but it also host the local Huitzilopochtli Aztec Dance group who bless and communicate with the Earth at every dance.

Our Community Gardens in Woodburn have gone through a lot. We have started and lost some. Like a garden it is forever changing and challenging but like a persistent gardener we keep planting them here and there.  

  • Some of them were too soon for us and the City of Woodburn to partner up together. 
  • Some of them are still looking for high schools students or community members to help take the lead.

  • Some of them will depend on food banks to participate in this "new way" of making food.
Some of them are thriving and being the greatest example to others in our Woodburn area.